Department Name First Name Last Name Title Phone
Administration Charlene Stevens City Administrator (651)-458-2822
Administration Becky Ahlvin Management Assistant (651)-458-2814
Administration Neil Belscamper Deputy City Clerk (651)-458-2878
Administration Joe Fischbach City Clerk / Human Resources Manager (651)-458-2878
Building Division Patti Dillon Building Secretary (651)-458-2804
Building Division Bob LaBrosse Chief Building Official (651)-458-2828
Building Division Andy McLean Building Inspector (651)-258-2892
Building Division Terry Renlund Building Inspector (651)-458-2875
Building Division Jason Rudenick Building Inspector (651)-458-2881
Building Division Bob Schindeldecker Facilities Maintenance (651)-458-2805
Community Development Jennifer Levitt Community Development Director & City Engineer (651)-458-2890
Community Development John Burbank Senior Planner (651)-458-2825
Community Development Ryan Burfeind Assistant City Engineer (651)-458-2899
Community Development Kathy Dennis Planning Secretary (651)-458-2827
Community Development John McCool Senior Planner (651)-458-2874
Community Development Samantha Drewry Code Enforcement Officer (651)-458-2876
Community Development Nate Estrem Project Engineer (651)-458-2829
Economic Development Christine Costello Economic Development Director (651)-458-2824
Economic Development Matt Wolf Economic Development Specialist (651)-458-2833
Finance Robin Roland Finance Director (651)-458-2832
Information Technology Brian Bluhm IT Manager (651)-458-2800
Finance Ashley Frosch Payroll Specialist (651)-458-2891
Finance Dar Hintz Utility Billing Customer Service Representative (651)-458-2831
Information Technology Lisa Kalka IT Specialist (651)-458-2800
Finance Cathy Mohr Assistant Finance Director (651)-458-2821
Finance Lauren Nacar Accountant (651)-458-2884
Finance Megan Schindeldecker Customer Service Representative (651)-458-2843
Finance April Weller Accounting Specialist (651)-458-2871
Fire Department Rick Redenius Fire Chief & Deputy Director of Public Safety (651)-458-2855
Fire Department PJ McMahon Deputy Fire Chief & Fire Marshall (651)-458-2862
Fire Department Al Beasley District Fire Chief (651)-458-6083
Fire Department Kevin Zittel Fire Captain (651)-458-2870
Parks and Recreation Zac Dockter Parks and Recreation Director (651)-458-2808
Parks and Recreation Jim Fohrman Lead Worker (651)-458-2808
Parks and Recreation Lucas Steinbach Recreation Supervisor (651)-458-3412
Parks and Recreation Greg Niles Working Foreman (651)-458-2808
Parks and Recreation Molly Pietruszewski Recreation Services Manager (651)-458-3404
Parks and Recreation Jordan Hirman Ice Arena Manager (651)-458-3415
Parks and Recreation Jenny Lawrence Office Clerk (651)-458-3400
Police Department Pete Koerner Police Chief and Public Safety Director (651)-458-2850
Police Department Gwen Martin Detective Sergeant (651)-458-6011
Police Department Randy McAlister Police Captain and Deputy Director of Public Safety (651)-458-6017
Police Department Greg Rinzel Police Captain and Deputy Director of Public Safety (651)-458-2850
Police Department Police Admin (651)-458-2850
Police Department 24/7 Washington County Non-Emergency (651)-439-9381
Parks and Recreation Ice Arena Main Line (651)-458-3400
Public Works Les Burshten Public Works Director (651)-458-2810
Public Works Tammy Anderson Administrative Secretary (651)-458-2807
Public Works Rick Alt Utility Foreman (651)-458-2842
Public Works Kari Reubish Administrative Secretary (651)-458-2806
Public Works Roberty Bray Sign Department (651)-458-2896
Public Works Craig Jaworski Street Department (651)-458-2836
Public Works Adam Moshier Management Assistant (651)-458-2844
Public Works Eric Johnson Fleet Foreman (651)-458-2895
Public Works Gary Orloff Street Foreman (651)-458-2869
Public Works Quinn Palar Forester (651)-458-2808
Public Works Joe Rhode Utility Department (651)-458-2837
Public Works Harry Taylor Public Works Supervisor (651)-458-2853
River Oaks Golf and Event Center Tyler Olson Golf Pro Manager (651)-438-2121
River Oaks Golf and Event Center Ben Ratzlaff Golf Course Superintendent (651)-414-0892
River Oaks Golf and Event Center Dennis Neitz Operations and Events Manager (651)-438-3627
River Oaks Golf and Event Center Jess Warrington Chef (651)-438-2121
Public Works Public Works 24/7 Main Line (651)-458-2808