Building Division

The Cottage Grove Building Division is the Administrative Authority delegated to administer the State Building Code. Building Division staff address many facets of permit processing for all new and existing properties including plan review, permit issuance, inspections, and project approvals. The Building Division also addresses property maintenance concerns, rental licensing, and maintenance of all City-owned facilities.

The purpose of this Division is to assure all construction projects and properties are designed, constructed, and maintained in a compliant and safe manner. We firmly believe that sound construction practices, knowledgeable staff, and quality property maintenance provide for enhanced property values and continued development of healthy, safe neighborhoods and community.


The City of Cottage Grove has adopted the 2020 Minnesota State Building Code, which incorporates the 2018 International Residential, Building, and Fire Codes. Further information on construction codes and contractors can be accessed from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.


The City of Cottage Grove Building Division staff provide project plan review, inspection, and/or permit processing service to the Cities of Newport and St. Paul Park along with Grey Cloud Island and Denmark Townships.

Building Permit Applications

Building permit applications and plans for St Paul Park and Newport shall be submitted directly to those cities at:

  • Newport City Hall
    596 7th Avenue
    Newport, MN 55055
    Phone: 651-459-5677
    Email Newport City Hall

    Monday through Thursday
    8 am to 6 pm
  • St. Paul Park City Hall
    600 Portland Avenue
    St. Paul Park, MN 55071
    Phone: 651-459-6144
    Email St. Paul City Hall

Denmark Township Projects

Effective Nov. 1, 2022 the City of Cottage Grove will no longer be issuing permits or conducting inspections for new project permit applications and plans for Denmark Township. 

New project permit applications and plans for Denmark Township shall be submitted directly to Denmark Township's Townhall. For questions, contact Denmark Township at 651-436-1704 or

Grey Cloud Construction Projects

Permit applications and plans for Grey Cloud Island Township construction projects that require a plan review shall be submitted directly to Grey Cloud Island Township. Upon Board approval, the project submittal will be forwarded to Cottage Grove for further review and processing. Find further information on permit submittal.