Rental Housing

Rental License Requirements

  • Rental Licenses are required for all non-owner occupied dwellings.
  • Licenses are issued biennially.
  • License fees for single-family, townhomes, twin homes and duplexes are $180 per unit every two years.
  • All rental property owners are required to submit a public criminal history report from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension with the rental license application and payment. Information regarding the criminal history report can be obtained from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) website.
  • Minnesota Crime Free Lease Addendum (PDF) will be required to be signed by all tenants. If an existing lease agreement does not include this addendum, it will be required at the next lease term.
  • Rental licenses are not required for accessory apartments.
  • Rental inspections are required to be conducted when the license fees are due.
  • A property owner or manager listed on the application is required to be present for ALL inspections.
  • A $50 re-inspection fee will be charged for each required re-inspection and must be paid prior to scheduling the re-inspection.
  • Rental license fees and inspections for multi-family apartments are due annually.

Application & Checklist