Permanent Signs

A Permanent Sign falls into three categories:

  1. Awnings, Canopies, Marquees
  2. Monument or Pylon Signs
  3. Wall Signs

Square Footage

The square feet of permanent signage allowed for a business is based on the principal structure square footage. To determine how much signage your business is allowed or to change a permanent sign, please email the City of Cottage Grove Planning Division or call 651-458-2827.


A building permit must be obtained from the City for installation of wall and monument signs. It is required to use a City-licensed contractor for these projects. Please email the Cottage Grove Building Division or call 651-458-2804 or for information on how to obtain a permit.

Temporary Sign

Any sign, banner, pennant, or advertising display intended to be displayed for a limited time period.


Temporary signs require a No Fee Permit that is filed with the City of Cottage Grove Code Enforcement Officer by filling out the Temporary Sign Application (PDF).

The following rules apply to businesses regarding temporary signs:

  1. Existing Business: A maximum of four temporary sign permits may be issued to each business per calendar year for up to 15 days each. All four temporary sign permits can be combined into a single time period of 60 days. The temporary sign must be in the form of a weatherproof banner no larger than 32 square feet in size attached to the principal structure.
  2. New Business or Reopening of an Existing Business or Store Closing: One temporary sign permit per calendar year shall be issued for no more than 15 days.
  3. Removal after Expiration of Permit: On premises temporary signs must be removed within 24 hours after the expiration of the permit.

Temporary Signs - Acceptable

Banners signs are a permitted temporary sign. They must follow these guidelines:

  • Cannot be on the building longer than 15 days
  • Cannot exceed 32 square feet in size
  • Must be weatherproof
  • Placed on the principal structure
  • Require a temporary sign permit

Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich board signs or merchandise signs are permitted but must be kept within 20 feet of the main entry to the building and can only be placed out during business hours. They do not require a temporary sign permit.

Window Signs

Window signs are permitted but must not exceed 40% of the entire window display space for the building. Window signs do not require a temporary sign permit.

Temporary Signs - Not Allowed

Inflatable signs are not allowed anywhere within the City. This includes helium based balloons or giant inflatables. Any sign that is not attached to the principal structure is not allowed. This includes flag signs and yard signs. The exception is sandwich board signs.

Temporary Sign Violations

All temporary signs require a No Fee Permit. If a sign is placed on a building without a permit or is not a legally complying sign, it will be removed at the owner's expense. Additionally, if signs continue to be placed on the property without proper approval through a temporary sign permit, it shall constitute a misdemeanor offense with a mandatory court date.