Economic Development

The City of Cottage Grove prides itself on being a great place to do business. We strive to always provide quality customer service, a user-friendly permitting and building process, and a pro-business approach to our work.

The city strives to maintain the community’s unique character while recognizing the importance of accommodating a rapidly changing economy. Economic development is a top priority for the city council; they recognize that prosperous business owners, quality jobs, and an increased tax base all help to create a healthy city. We are proud of being a great place to do business. 

The city’s vision for economic development is a well-balanced city where business complements and adds to the quality of life for all who live, work, shop and play in Cottage Grove. To achieve our vision, we work to: 

  • facilitate growth, diversification, and the stability of the economy,
  • create prosperous income opportunities for all citizens of the city,
  • expand the economy,
  • and provide a sustainable future for Cottage Grove.

The city promotes economic development through incentive programs such as the city’s public finance policy as well as county, regional and state incentive programs. 

Cottage Grove’s economic development department provides a variety of services that includes:

  • business outreach, retention, and expansion assistance
  • a dedicated ombudsperson to serve the business community
  • insights on municipal codes and zoning, and assists with streamlining the development review process making it more efficient for businesses and investors
  • partnerships with local and regional partners to leverage business assistance, training, and workforce development opportunities
  • newsletters highlighting development news, networking events, seminars, and direct access to helpful business resources

The city has an economic development authority (EDA) whose board members are creative, visionary, and committed to your success! The economic development director serves as the ombudsperson at City Hall and is available to assist members of the business community with site selection, permit inquiries and other business referrals. The city council has adopted a 2040 Comprehensive Plan that includes an economic development strategy designed to serve as a “road map” for a successful local economy. 

With increased economic vitality, the City of Cottage Grove will continue to provide a high quality of life for workers, business owners, property owners and residents. The City Council, the Economic Development Authority and our economic development team look forward to helping you locate, grow, and thrive in Cottage Grove!