Special Assessment Policy

Special assessments are a charge to properties for the cost of making a local improvement, or to collect certain charges that will benefit these properties. Cities may also use special assessments to recover the cost of service charges including, but not limited to:

  • Partially finance street improvements including Pavement Management
  • Weed elimination from streets and private property
  • Removal or elimination of public health or safety hazards
  • Unpaid sewer and water bills

Pavement Management Special Assessments

Cottage Grove's Pavement Management Program is partially funded through special assessments to adjoining properties. On a residential street, the residential buildable lot equivalent (RBLE) method is used to determine the assessment for the each property adjacent to a project. Under this method 45% of the total project cost is divided by the number of RBLE. This rate is then applied to each RBLE lot that benefits from the improvement. The City Engineer and Finance Director prepare the assessment roll based on that methodology.

The Finance Department administers the collection of special assessments.

Additional Information

  • For questions concerning a special assessment on your property, please call the City Finance Department at 651-458-2884.
  • For questions concerning utility bill assessments, please call the City's Utility Billing Customer Service Representative at 651-458-2831.
  • Cottage Grove Special Assessment Policy (PDF)