Cottage Grove Bus Loop

Cottage Grove Bus Circulator

The City of Cottage Grove has partnered with DARTS to provide a bus loop to serve the growing senior population. The bus loop will run every Tuesday from 10 am to 3 pm making four 1-hour LOOPS. Riders must let the driver know where they would like to go once boarding the bus.

On demand stops or stops within half a mile of the route can be requested by calling 651-234-2272.


Do I need to reserve a ride on the LOOP?
No. Simply plan your trip off the schedule below, hop on the bus, and tell the driver where you'd like to go!

Can I use the LOOP if I use a scooter, wheelchair, walker or cane?
Yes. The driver will help you load your mobility device and assist you as needed. Anyone can request to use the lift. 

What if the place I want to go isn't listed on the schedule?
As long as the stop is within a few blocks of a scheduled stop, the driver can take you there and pick you up on the next LOOP. 

What if I don't live at one of the residential stops?
if you live within a few blocks of the route, call dispatch at 651-234-2272 to request a pick-up at your home. 

Senior Living

For information on senior living go to Assisted Living Research Institute.


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