City Council Mission & Vision

City Council Mission

The City Council's mission is to provide excellence in the delivery of public services to community residents, businesses and owners of property.

City Council Vision

The City Council continues its vision for the future as:

  • An accessible community with an appreciation for our environment, trees, hills, ravines, landscapes and river including quality park, green and open space areas
  • A good place to raise a family through its life cycle who are proud of their community of well maintained neighborhoods and property
  • To create and maintain a base of strong businesses that complement and engage with the community and provide jobs for the city and surrounding area
  • A fiscally responsible, engaged government with well maintained infrastructure, access to quality inter- and intra-community transportation and transit and safe residential and commercial neighborhoods and public spaces

Operational Guiding Principles 2014 to 2018

The City Council's guiding principles:

  • Be an employer of choice through a culture of continuous improvement, a spirit of collaboration between departments and divisions, a proactive approach to internal and external communications, job enrichment, employee growth and training, injury reduction and work place efficiencies
  • Achieve customer satisfaction in top 20% of peer communities across all metrics
  • Meet or exceed financial targets toward improvement of rating agency outlooks
  • Create an environmentally focused and sustainable organization
  • Ensure proactive evaluation of technology opportunities for business lines and service delivery as "return on investment" justifies implementation