Learn to Skate

This program is designed to prepare participants for recreational skating, figure skating or hockey. Students are individually evaluated at the start of each session. 

Skating Tots

This class is for skaters ages 4-7; who have never skated before or cannot stand on their own.   Each skater must have an adult (16+) on the ice with each registered skater.  Adults must wear skates.  Youth must wear a bike/hockey helmet.  Coaches will be delivering the lessons and providing instruction.  They will play games as they develop skills needed to balance and move across the ice.

Level 1

Skaters ages 5-8; who have minimal skating experience will learn the proper way to fall and get up, hopping and how to make A’s and V’s.  

Level 2

Skaters ages 7 and older and able to stand without assistance or skaters who have passed Level 1. Skater’s will learn forward swizzles, two foot glides, backward wiggle and stops.

Level 3

Skaters who have completed Level 2 will learn backward swizzles, hockey turns, forward slalom and a semi-spiral.  

Level 4

Skaters who have completed Level 3 will learn backward slalom , one-foot glides, 3-step crossovers, backward glides (two feet) and pump circles.

Child Skating