Rebate Program

UPDATED 10/19/2021: Thank you for your interest in the water efficiency rebate program, however available funding for the program has been exhausted.

Cottage Grove is offering rebates to residents for purchasing water saving toilets and clothes washers. As part of the City’s water conservation program, we are offering rebates up to $80 for toilets and up to $200 for clothes washer.

Clothes washers eligible for rebates are on the US DOE Energy Star list:

  1. Toilets eligible for rebates are on the US EPA WaterSense list:
  2. To qualify for a rebate, your home, business, school, church, non-profit, or apartment building must get water from the Cottage Grove municipal system.
  3. New houses and new developments are not eligible for this program. This rebate program is only for water-saving replacement toilets and clothes washers.
  4. Expenses eligible for reimbursement are pre-tax costs of the device and installation. Owners cannot be reimbursed for their own labor.
  5. Copies of receipts or invoices must be uploaded with your rebate application. The make and model of the toilet or clothes washer, along with the pre-tax costs of the device and installation, must be shown on the receipt or invoice.
  6. Purchases eligible for a rebate must have occurred no earlier than September 30, 2019.
  7. Rebates will be paid up to 50% of the pre-tax costs not to exceed $80 for toilets and $200 for clothes washers.

Click here for the rebate application. If your application is approved, a check will be sent within 7 to 10 days. Questions? Contact Joe Fox at 651-458-2826 or


Cottage Grove supplies water to its residents, businesses, schools, churches, and non-profits by pumping groundwater out of aquifers. On average, the daily volume of water used in Cottage Grove is approximately 3.4 million gallons – about 75 gallons per person every day.

In the summer during a dry spell, Cottage Grove water use has jumped as high as 9 million gallons of water in a single day. This day is called the day of maximum demand.

City water infrastructure – pumps, water treatment plants, watermains – is built and maintained for the day of maximum demand.

The City wants to keep the maximum day water demand as low as possible. As the maximum demand rises, the City must expand its water capacity by adding pumps, installing larger water main, and expanding water treatment facilities. Encouraging municipal water users to install more efficient appliances and toilets therefore keeps the demand low. The City has a separate program in the spring to sell water saving lawn irrigation controllers at below-market cost.

A grant from the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services, through funding from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, makes this rebate program possible. This program will run until June of 2022 or until funds run out.

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