Chickens & Ducks

A keeping of chickens and ducks permit is required prior to having chickens and ducks. The permit must be reapplied for every two years along with a $100 permit fee. 


Download a keeping of chickens and ducks application.

Please submit the following information to the City Clerk:
1. A completed keeping of chickens and ducks permit application.
2. A side view drawing of the proposed coop and attached run, including construction materials.
3. A drawing of the location of proposed coop and attached run on a survey or a scaled site plan.
4. Evidence of completion of a backyard poultry keeping course. See accepted courses below.
5. An email or letter from your housing association signifying that chickens and ducks are permitted.
6. $100 fee, made payable to the City of Cottage Grove

Applications, accompanying materials and payment should be submitted to:
     City of Cottage Grove
     ATTN: Business Licensing
     12800 Ravine Parkway
     Cottage Grove, MN 55016 


View a summary of the requirements of keeping backyard chickens and ducks.

Full Ordinance Requirements can be found here.  

Accepted educational courses or other pre-approved course:

Shepard Farm
Eggplant Urban Farm Supply

Please contact the City Clerk's office at 651-458-2878 with questions.