Innovative Commerce Serving Communities (ICSC)

The City of Cottage Grove is open for business!Map of Cottage Grove and MSP St. Paul

Thank you for taking time to learn about Cottage Grove at the recent Innovating Commerce Serving Communities (ICSC) Expo.

We are passionate about bringing quality retail and development to our city. We make the process easy and look forward to working with you!

Cottage Grove is located just southeast of the Twin Cities and is a short drive from MSP International Airport.

See below for more information about land available for lease as well as commercial, retail and redevelopment opportunities.  

Available Buildings and Sites

See the available buildings and sites in our city.

  1. Business Park
  2. Shoppes at Cottage View


Our Business Park is one of the fastest growing in Minnesota. It will also be home to the largest industrial development in our state: NorthPoint's Cottage Grove Logistics Center.

Learn more about our business park. 

See the Site

Get a better view of opportunities in this video of the Cottage Grove Business Park:

Located along four-lane Highway 61, Cottage Grove is conveniently located 6.2 miles from Interstate 494 and 18.4 miles from MSP International Airport. View the Business Park Location and the businesses that call it home. 


The business park features zoning that is friendly to a wide variety of uses and flexible to feature many different building styles. 

Lot width175 feet200 feet 200 feet 
Front yard setback40 feet 50 feet 100 feet
Side yard setback abutting an R district100 feet 125 feet 200 feet 
Side yard setback adjacent to a street40 feet 40 feet 125 feet 
Interior side yard setback40 feet 40 feet 40 feet 
Rear yard setback60 feet 60 feet 100 feet
Rear yard setback abutting an R district100 feet 150 feet 200 feet 
Building height55 feet 60 feet 60 feet 

For more information, visit the Planning Department page.