Lightning Prediction & Warning System

Thor Guard is a lightning prediction and warning system installed in April 2022 at Kingston Park.  280107361_372061378296031_4658270891277123424_n

The Thor Guard system uses sensors that detect and predict lightning. The city received a grant to purchase much of the equipment for the park, which hosts thousands of people at various events all year.   

The Thor Guard sensors are connected to clusters of horns located throughout the park. Whenever lighting is detected, the horns sound an alert to staff and visitors. The horn clusters also contain strobe lights for lightning and two levels of heat warnings, which can help players avoid heat-related conditions like dehydration and heatstroke. Thor Guard analyzes a storm's strength, speed, and intensity to determine when the system issues an alert and the subsequent all-clear to people at Kingston Park.  

If you live near the park, you may hear the sirens sound during a storm or when the system is being tested. You do not need to take action when you hear the horn; it is strictly to alert people at the park that they need to clear the area due to unsafe conditions. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, this equipment will help keep those who use the park safe. You can learn more about Thor Guard here. 

Please contact Capt. Gwen Martin via email or at 651-458-6011, or Fleet and Facilities Maintenance Manager Adam Moshier via email or at 651-458-2844 for more information or if you have questions.  

Here is how the system will work at Kingston Park: 

  • There is a horn and strobe light positioned on top of the pavilion. Under certain conditions, the horn will sound for 15 seconds and the strobe light will activate. 
  • Once the horn sounds, everyone must get to safety. Safety is meant to be a building, inside vehicles, etc. DO NOT go into the pavilion, under overhangs, or under trees once this system is activated. 
  • Activities may resume only after three five-second blasts of the horn are sounded and the strobe light stops flashing.