Low Zone Water Mains Project

Project Summary

The Low Zone Water Mains Project will construct sections of water mains that will serve the future water treatment plant that will be located at the northeast corner of Ideal Avenue South and 110th Street South. These water mains are being constructed now, ahead of the treatment plant construction, due to development in the area adjacent to water main alignments. Installation of these water mains now will minimize/eliminate future construction disturbance to the new improvements in the area.

The Details

  • Raw water mains (mains that convey untreated water to the treatment plant) will be constructed from Well #10, north of 95th Street, west of Jamaica Avenue, southerly to a point just south of 105th Street on Ideal Avenue. 
  • A distribution main, which will convey treated water to the city’s system, will be constructed from just south of 105th Street on Ideal Avenue northerly and connect to the city’s system at 100th Street and Jamaica Avenue. Follow the link to the project map to see the alignment details.  
  • The final segments of the water mains from 105th Street to the treatment plant will be constructed nearer to the completion of the treatment plant and the system will be put into service when the treatment plant comes online.


The city will be utilizing grant funding through the 3M Settlement Agreement to implement this project. There will be no cost to the city for this project.  


The 3M Settlement Agreement is being implemented through the approved Conceptual Drinking Water Supply Plan (CDWSP). The plan provides funding for PFAS related projects for the east metro, as developed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), along with the impacted communities.


The design of the project was completed in early 2022 and the city received bids for the project in March 2022. Construction on the project began summer 2022, and the project was completed in November 2022. Follow-up with turf restoration will occur in spring 2023. 

Clean Water for Cottage Grove

For more information regarding the projects being funded by the CDWSP, visit the Clean Water for Cottage Grove website.

  1. 3M Settlement Projects Map
  2. Low Zone Water Mains Project Map

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3M Settlements Projects Map