Case Management Unit


The Cottage Grove Police Department’s Case Management Unit (CMU) helps people who need ongoing assistance from mental health professionals or socialCMU services. 

The team helps ensure people who need help don’t fall through the cracks when being referred to other agencies or health care professionals.

What the CMU does

  • Manages long-term criminal cases and cases involving persons with a history of violent criminal behavior caused by mental illness.
  • Manages cases involving persons with a history of mental illness that have resulted in numerous responses by law enforcement and the use of substantial police resources.
  • Prevents unnecessary incarceration or hospitalization of those with mental illness.
  • Provides alternative care in the least restrictive environment through a coordinated and comprehensive systemwide approach.

Learn more

This flyer includes more information about the CMU.


Please call 911 right away if you are having an emergency.  

Call Sgt. Mike McCormick at 651-458-6018 or Detective Pat Young at 651-458-6024 if you have questions or would like more information about the CMU.