Low Zone Water Treatment Plant

Project Summary

The Low Zone Water Treatment Plant is one of two water treatment plants being funded by the 3M Settlement Agreement to mitigate the PFAS contamination in the city’s wells. This water treatment plant will be located in the southwest area of the city, in the northeast corner of the intersection of Ideal Avenue South and 110th Street South. The plant will utilize granular activated carbon for PFAS removal, along with iron and manganese removal. Operation of the plant will be very quiet and limited to within the building. 

This site will also include the new well, Well #13, which will be constructed to replace two existing city wells. Well #13 will be brought online with the commissioning of the new treatment plant. 


The design of the Low Zone Treatment Plant is complete. The city received bids for the project in June of 2023 and construction is scheduled to start in fall of 2023. This treatment plant is scheduled to be fully operational in 2025.

Low Zone Water Treatment Plant Southwest elevation rendering

low zone water treatment plant northwest elevation rendering