Restricted Crossing U-Turn on Highway 61 at Point Douglas Road

RCUT at Highway 61 and Point Douglas Road


In response to concerns voiced by property owners and the public about operations and safety, city staff are working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to improve the intersection of Highway 61 at Point Douglas Road. This intersection serves River Oaks Golf Course and Zywiec’s Garden Center as well as other properties. 

Future Plans

Design of a Restricted Crossing U-Turn or R-Cut is underway. An R-Cut is an alternative intersection type used to reduce conflict points. Also referred to as a J-turn, the design improves safety by reducing the risk of severe right-angle crashes for cross-street movements. Drivers coming from East or West Point Douglas Road wanting to turn left onto Highway 61 will first make a right-hand turn followed by a U-turn. Visit MnDOT’s website to learn how a J-turn works


Visit the project website from Bolton & Menk to learn more about the project, view a video and to sign up for updates.