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Cottage Grove Trailway Corridor

Greenway corridor links Kingston Park to Hidden Valley Park.
  • Hardwood Ave. - Hinton Ave.  Adopted By: Available
  • Hinton Ave. - Kingston Park Adopted By: Available
  • Kingston Park - Joliet Ave. Adopted By: Available

The Cottage Grove Trailway Corridor has an incredible trail system on over 97 acres located under the Xcel Energy Easement. This greenway corridor is a link in the community's trail system that connects Ravine Regional Park in the east to Hidden Valley Park to the west. These trails are paved for non-motorized recreation such as biking, rollerblading, walking or running.  The corridor also offers a great opportunity to view Cottage Grove's natural resources. Prairie restoration efforts are currently in progress throughout the corridor and there are many trees and ponds throughout the land.